The Team


Rob has a full beard and has his arm around Stephani who has curly blonde hair.

Rob and Stephani Bonner


Ann has shoulder-length brown hair and sits at her desk.

Ann Hofmeister



Jody has shoulder-length hair and stands near an aisle of parts.

Jody Cook

MotorClothes® Manager

April sports a forearm tattoo and sits on an orange motorcycle.

April Peterson

MotorClothes® Associate

Laura Fitzmaurice smiles and sits on a black motorcycle

Laura Fitzmaurice

MotorClothes® Associate


Luke stands tall and cradles a Christmas present in his arm.

Luke Fox

Sales Manager

Tom has spiky hair and leans in close.

Tom Kujawa

Finance Manager

Dom smiles, has a hand in his pocket, and stands beside a blue motorcycle.

Dom Sterling

Sales Associate

Aby has long wavy hair and sits on a silver motorcycle.

Aby Klukas

Sales Associate


Tim has a big smile and leans his elbow on a glass countertop.

Tim Mathews

Parts & Accessories Manager

Kyle wears a black hat and glasses.

Kyle Kissinger



Dustin folds his arms and smiles wide behind a full beard.

Dustin Baker

Service Advisor

Brittni has arm tattoos and sits on a motorcylce.

Britni Spooner

Service Advisor

Rene smiles while working on a blue motorcycle.

Rene Drinkwine

Service Technician

Al wears small silver hoop earrings, has a goatee, and has a tight smile.

Al Galindo

Service Technician

Steven wears a hat and has a mustache.

Steven Boyce

Service Technician

Philip peers around a slightly opened men's bathroom door.

Philip Barnard

Service Detailer

Max has a plaid, collared shirt, a short beard, and stands before an orange motorcycle.

Max Varty

Service Detailer